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Cantilever Racking Arms

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Manufactured in the UK, the kits offer a cost effective and safe solution for storing long and heavy produccts with the opening-fronted system allowing for the storage of infinite and varying length items. Rack heights upto 6000mm with adjustable arm heights on a standard pitch of 150mm. The racking is available in light, medium and heavy duty. Comes with black bays and yellow arms as standard. Other colours and heights are available on request.
Arm capacity 250-1000kg
Adjustable arm heights - standard adjustment pitch 150mm
Single sided includes 3 adjustable arms & base
Double sided includes 6 adjustable arms & 2 bases
Floor fixings and shims included
Starter bays include 2 Uprights & Bracing

Cantilever Racking Arms


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Cantilever Racking Arms - L1200mm Heavy Duty Arm - 1000Kg Capacity
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Cantilever Racking Arms - L600mm Light Duty Arm - 250Kg Capacity
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Cantilever Racking Arms - L900mm Medium Duty Arm - 500Kg Capacity
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